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Red Lick Records



by 'Mississippi'Max Haymes

Extract of a letter from Paul Oliver to Max Haymes.....
I do want to tell you how impressed I am by the work that you've done. It seems a fascinating book, and you've mapped a very clear route, or routes, through a complex subject. Your selection of items quoted is very good and relevant, based on years of listening no doubt. I thought that the illustrations are most apposite, and you've found some interesting ads and ephemera. Congratulations, Max!"
Paul Oliver, November 2006

Extract of a review by Paul Vernon.....
"What Max Haymes has attempted to do here - successfully in my view - is explore the relationship between an emerging technology and an emerging music; how the blues was affected by railroad work and travel, how African American lives benefited and sometimes suffered as a result of both; how the blues was, in part, shaped by the opportunities that rail travel - paid or not - offered and how that experience shaped their reflections, caught in the lyrical images preserved on early blues recordings.

..........this is neither a volume for the novice or casual reader, and even committed fans are faced with a serious, in-depth narrative. I have no problem with this, for many books about the blues published this last decade or so have been pretty facile and in some cases should have been strangled at birth. This is not one of them. With a good selection of relevant illustrations, very accurate indexing, an accessible and relevant discography, I would recommend this to anyone serious about the subject. Perhaps the best praise I can offer is that it often felt like I was reading a Paul Oliver text". 
Paul Vernon, March 2007

Extract of a letter from Bob Hall to Max Haymes.....
"I thought your book was very well researched, full of interesting facts, and I enjoyed it immensely. I'm sure it will become a standard work of reference in the future".
Bob Hall, November 2006

To order the book click here

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