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The weekly acoustic blues jam sessions now at
The Robert Gillow,
64 Market Street Lancaster, Lancashire, LA1 1HP

Upstairs in

every Sunday from 5.00pm - 8.00pm

Introduced by "Mississippi" Max Haymes

"So good blues-diggin' peoples, why not ease on down town and bring an instrument just to heat up that beat! Or why not come on down just to soak up those sounds"



Please note the text and links below refer to the original 17 year old section of the website, included here for nostalgia!!)

Check out some sketches of regulars at the club by Bob Armitage

Check out one of the Sunday session here

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Juke-Joint Blues Biographies  They should carry a government health warning!

Press Articles

Lancaster University Newspaper

Here are some photos of our recent(?) sessions

16th January 2005 Welcome return of the camera!

Had my camera repaired in 2004, hence.....

2nd February 2003  Welcome Brian from the deep South
22nd December 2002  Adrian - The Big Bass Man

15th December 2002  A rare photo of Santa
8th December 2002  Welcome back Washboard Robin
21st April 2002  Welcome back Barrie
7th April 2002  Welcome back Johnny Hayes

17th March 2002
 Hello Alan Love

3rd March 2002
  Blues at the Water Witch Pub

Please note the following links are for the original Blues Club sessions at the Dukes Theatre which have had to be withdrawn from the website due to reaching the maximum size allowed by the Internet Service Provider hence the links below don't go anywhere. Sorry about this but if you want to see any of the old photos, please email me with your request to  Thanks, Alan

13th January 2002
   Robin on Slide guitar
16th December 2001
   A warm welcome to Johnny Hayes
2nd December 2001
  Another amazing session from Dai Thomas

7th October 2001
  Welcome back Judy, Brendan and Courtland
19th August 2001  Welcome back Joe and Daughter
22nd July 2001
  Welcome to Ria, Bridgitta, Simon (who had
a ravin night!)
and (
Monkey Gland original) Ken.
15th July 2001
(The smaller version) - Nail biting is back in fashion 
8th July 2001
   Welcome to the amazing Dai Thomas
1st July 2001
   Welcome to Norrie and Jukes Dudes at the Seaside!! 
24th June 2001
  'Summertime Blues'
10th June 2001
  Welcome back Justin (alias Pete) and the start of 
Judy's solo vocal career

3rd June 2001  Welcome to Liam and his Fan Club
20th May 2001
  Welcome Joe and an interesting poster(?)
15th April 2001
  Amazing Harpman Robin on Guitar
8th April 2001
  Welcome to Barrie (take a look at Barrie's Clarinet Life
25th March 2001
  Welcome to Andy from the Monkey Gland Jug Band and thanks to Justin for joining us from the other side of the Bar
4th March 2001
  Welcome back to Will Newman
25th February 2001
  Welcome back Max and Celia from Morocco

11th February 2001
  With Judy on backing vocals

4th February 2001
  Take a look at Alan's braces!!
28th January 2001
  Welcome to Barnaby and Philip
21st January 2001
  Welcome to Richard and a great audience (especially our newest fan, Judy). Thanks to Adrian for jetting in all the way from India to see us!
14th January 2001 Our first of the new year - Welcome to Eva and Ian (together with Miguel - The Sand Pilots)

17th December 2000 Keep on Drinkin'
26th November 2000
Our biggest and best session yet! - and it got better in December, and better still in January!!

5th November 2000
  Will, Rex and Adrian on guitar, Robin on harp, and Victoria on sax
29th October 2000  Group jam sessions and some dedicated fans!
15th October 2000 Arthur, Rex and Max? on Guitar and Lancaster Uni fans!
8th October 2000
  Adrian on guitar, Victoria and Pete on sax
1st October 2000  Rex and Alan on guitar



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