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Skegness Rock & Blues Festival 2016
Sunday Evening 24th January 2016

Butlins Skyline Pavilion © Copyright 2011 Alan White. All Rights Reserved.



"Roadhouse are one of the UKís most established, big stage Blues/Rock acts. A collaboration between experienced Blues/Rock musicians and much younger, talented female vocalists, Lead by acclaimed song writer, song writer, guitar player and singer, Gary Boner, Roadhouse are generally regarded as generating some of the best original material in the UK".



 Animals and Friends!animals-and-friends/ci18

"John Steel, Mickey Gallagher along with Danny Handley and Roberto Ruiz. The band that shook the world back in 1964 have re-invented themselves.   ...quality and distinct sound that was, and still is, The Animals..."




 Dr. Feelgood  

"Originally formed in 1971, Dr. Feelgood have had several changes in line up over the years but since vocalist Robert Kane left The Animals to join the band it has been the most enduring line-up in the bandís history. 15 years and over 1,800 gigs following Kaneís arrival, and with a total of 80 years service between the current line-up, the journey continues for Britainís best loved R&B band, who continue to enthral audiences as far away as Japan with the kind of "no-nonsense" live energy that first endeared Dr. Feelgood to a generation of music fans over forty five years ago".





 Paul Lamb and The King Snakes  
"Paul Lamb is Known by aficionados and music press around the world as a foremost blues harmonica exponent, forging himself a place in the history books as one of the greatest players of our time. Countless awards have been won by him and his band. He has sold record-breaking quantities of albums and performed around the world. Having been induced into the British blues Awards Hall of Fame (alongside the likes of Peter Green, John Mayall & Alexis Korner) Paul continues to bring his infectious brand of soulful blues to his fans around the globe".



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