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Friday 19th July to Sunday 21st July 2019

In and around the Pubs and Streets of Upton upon Severn, Worcestershire

Form UK Blues Awards - Best Blues Based Festival of the Year 2018

British Blues Awards - Festival of the Year 2015 & 2016

Trevor Babajack Steger
(Acoustic Stage Director and Acoustic Guitarist)


Selection of photos on each day's photo gallery
(all photos by Alan White or Sarah White - as labelled)

The Achievers

Stone Mountain Sinners
Troy Redfern
Voodoo Sheiks
Chris Bevington Organisation
Never The Bride
Wille & The Bandits

Birmingham Community Gospel Choir
Katie Bradley Band
Buffa's Wake
Connor Selby
Dave Ferra Allstars


Wille & The Bandits

Troy Redfern

Nikki Lamborn, Never The Bride

Sarah Warren, Stone Mountain Sinners

Maxine Brooks, Birmingham Community Gospel Choir


Review by Rosy Greer


Memories ....

Upton Blues Festival 2007 - The Year of the Floods


2019 was the 12th anniversary of Upton floods in 2007. Do you remember them, were you there? I arrived early on the Friday and was literally marooned in Upton until the Monday morning so witnessed the worst flooding since 1947. Here are two photos to show you what it was like. The first photo is the campsite on Sunday 23rd July 2017 (bigger in 2019) followed by the same view on Sunday 22nd July 2007. It's a caravan roof in the flooded field!

Needless to say the festival was cancelled but the Upton spirit soldiered on. As I said in my 2007 review: "On a sunny Sunday afternoon, when you can't get out of town because all the roads are flooded, and you can't get a drink by the riverside because the bars are also flooded, the only answer is to move the bar into the street and have a party! Now to have a party you need music - Tipitina (Debby Jones and Justin Randall) to the rescue!!"

Click here to see photos of the 2007 floods

Click here to see the 'Tipitina Street Party'

Click here to see the full Upton 2007 photo gallery

Please excuse the old format web pages for the 2007 festival, the website has had many changes over the past 19 years, but it's all still online!


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