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History of British Blues


This section provides the reader with a history of British Blues as an educational resource in terms of articles and essays, interviews with legendary British blues artists, memories and memorabilia from readers lucky enough to have witnessed the early British blues scene, recommended British blues history books and references to other websites containing the history of British blues. I hope this is useful. Please feel free to email with any comments / additional material / etc.

Articles and Essays

Here are a series of articles and essays on the birth of British Blues, sources and influences, evolution of British blues and where we are today.

'British Blues' from Wikipedia

'Blues Revival' from 'Survey of American Popular Music'

'Early British Blues Clubs and Venues' by Alan White (coming soon)

'Blues Specialist Record Shops in the UK - 1960s' by Max Haymes

more articles coming soon.


Here are a series of interviews with legendary British blues artists with reminiscences of the early British Blues scene. The interviews below reside on, clicking the links below will take you to each interview.

Norman Beaker (on the British Blues scene since the 1970s)

Deborah Bonham (sister of John Bonham - Led Zeppelin)

Victor Brox (The Aynsley Dunbar Retaliation / Victor Brox Blues Train)

Gary Fletcher (The Blues Band)

Paul Jones (Manfred Mann / The Blues Band)

Dave Kelly (John Dummer Blues Band/Tramp/The Blues Band)

Paul Lamb (on the British Blues scene since the early 1970s)

Tony (T.S.) McPhee (The Groundhogs)

Coco Montoya (John Mayall's Bluesbreakers)

John Steel (The Animals)

Mick Taylor (John Mayall's Bluesbreakers / The Rolling Stones)

Mike Vernon (Record Producer & Music Executive / Founded Blue Horizon Records in the late 1960s)

Please note: All interview material copyright Alan White and respective artists, provided here for educational use only.


Memories - Readers own memories of early British Blues

Images of the early British Blues scene: Coming soon.


Further Reading and Reference

Recommended British Blues History Books

Here you will find a bibliography of blues books concerning the history of British Blues.

Links to websites with British Blues History content

Here you will find a list of websites which cover the history of British Blues.


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