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Annual Road Trip to the Mississippi Delta
by Keith Murphy

Here, for your enjoyment, is a Road Trip Report from Keith and Doug of their annual migration to the Mississippi Delta, where the ultimate destination was to be Memphis and the International Blues Challenge, with adventures along the way.  Enjoy!

Alan White and Keith Murphy, 1st March 2011
Episode 1
- The Trip Begins ... An 'Old Car Tour' ... 'Subliminal' Animal Images ... a Concrete Ark
   ... and the Dreamland BBQ ('ain't nothing like it, nowhere')
Episode 2
- Hwy 82 ... BB King museum, Indianola ... Hwy 61 Blues Museum and murals, Leland
   ...  Hwy 1 ... White Front Cafe, Rosedale ... Helena's
old, classic, colorful buildings
Episode 3
- Even Williams bourbon in Reds ... Sean Apple and the All Night Long Blues Band in
  Ground Zero ... Ivory-billed Woodpecker in Brinkley ... Pabst beer sign in Little Rock
Episode 4
- New and Old Daisy Theaters in Memphis ... 2024 calendar in Abe's diner in Corinth ...
Coon Dog Cemetery in the North Alabama hills ... soul food in Courtland, Al


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