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The Red Man and The Blues
by Max Haymes
(converted to web format from the original old typescript by Alan White)

This essay is a major piece of work originally produced by Max Haymes in 1990. The original document (and only surviving copy) was typed on rather thin paper which over the years has deteriorated somewhat! To get it published on the website I had to scan it (all 45 pages), convert it to text, edit it for 'typos' and mis-scanned text (lots of it!), and subsequently re-scan and insert all the images separately. Hopefully this is a web based document that is as near as possible to the original essay, including bibliography, drawings, notes and illustrations, but brought into the modern day with hyperlinks, etc. to add value for the reader/researcher. It should be borne in mind that the essay was written over 20 years ago and not much more information and recordings have come to light since then to prompt revised editions. We hope you all enjoy it.

Alan White and Max Haymes, 5th May 2010


Chapter I   - The Five Civilised Tribes - The Red/Black Link From Slavery on Down

Chapter II  - Some Probable Recent Ancestry Of The Five Civilised Tribes

Chapter III - Indians' Removal To The Nation - Black/Red Oklahoma

Chapter IV  - The Red Man And The Blues



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