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Jinney Ring Blues Festival 2010
Saturday, 21st August 2010 : Jinney Ring Craft Centre, Hanbury, Bromsgrove

Click to view Saturday Afternoon
David Bristow
The Remi Harris Trio

Click to view Saturday Evening
Simon "Honeyboy" Hickling & The DT's
The Big Blues Tribe

Oliver Carpenter  Copyright 2010 Alan White. All Rights Reserved.

 Copyright 2010 Alan White. All Rights Reserved.

The Jinney Ring was the earlist form of rotary power used on farms in the UK.  Until the beginning of the 19th Century the only forms of power available on farms were horses and water.  The invention of the Jinney Ring allowed horse power to be converted to drive farm, previously manual, equipment.  The horse would walked around a large wheel with cogs which turned shafts and then belts and chains of the farm equipment such as corn grinders, sugar beat shredders and mangles.  In some parts of the country the Jinney Ring was called "gin-gangs" from which came the word "engine".  The picture above shows a real Jinney ring at the Jinney Ring Craft Centre.

Many thanks to Amanda and Malcolm at The Jinney Ring Craft Centre, Oliver Carpenter and the team at Jigsaw Community Festivals. Rick Bailey (RMPA) for the sound, and all involved for a superb festival.
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