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Kid Wardell

Kid Wardell

The Very Best of Blues, Ragtime, Boogie & Song 

Kid (aka Dick) Wardell has been around on the British Blues scene for almost 50 years. He began with ‘skiffle’ until he met up with Long John Baldry and Clive Palmer along with many others and went on to busking and playing the in the Folk/Blues revival of the 60s. He’s played and appeared alongside many people – some known and some not so known. These have included the late Jo-Ann Kelly, Roger Hubbard, Wizz Jones, Lightnin’ Slim, Roy Book Binder, Michael Roach, Catfish Keith and Kent DuChaine. 

For much of his life, Kid was a lone Troubadour – one man and his guitar – but at times he’s teamed up with others – Leo Sayer, Harmonica/kazoo; Ian Winfield, piano in the 70s; Ed Lamont, guitar; in the 80s, the Moonshine Boys (fiddle & piano in the 90s; and Richie Robertson (double bass) in the early years of the millennium.  In June 2003, after so many years of performing, Kid ‘retired’ from the music scene, playing a ‘finale’ gig as part of a Blues Showcase, featuring Mick Taylor at Poole Arts Centre. Blues doesn’t die – he’s back again, and better than ever! Today, besides his solo act, he can also be heard with harmonica player Feathers MacTeeth in the High Steppin’ Papas and on occasions also with celebrated piano player, Bob Hall. 

The venues have been many and various, but over the years they have included many performances at festivals including the Edinburgh International Blues Festival and Glastonbury), plus countless other venues the length of Britain - Blues bars, Folk Clubs and Arts Centres. The recordings (as Dick Wardell) include Standing by the Motorway (Beechwood 1990), Street Life Blues ( Fellside 1997) and Peaches (Blues Underground 2001). A new 20-track CD – Screamin’ & Dreamin’- is now available on Front Porch Records, along with his Bluetooth (X-Bow 2009) recording with the High Steppin’ Papas.  Kid’s powerful vocals and guitar sit well within the tradition of country blues – from the Mississippi styles to those of Georgia and Texas. He pens his own excellent tunes and lyrics, alongside those of the old masters. He plays a Brook acoustic and a ‘Fine Resophonic Mecano’ with his Roland piano adding a further dimension as his fingers boogie up and down the keyboard. Whatever instrument he plays, his originality, the intensity of his vocals and his instrumental skill leaves most audiences crying for more. 

dick.wardell@btinternet.com              www.youtube.com/dickwardell               Tel: 07960 394 972


CD Demo tracks available on request

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