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Hero. Legend. Good Bloke.
John Peel OBE, 1939 - 2004

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“RAILROADIN’ SOME” by 'Mississippi'Max Haymes
(The Tennessee, Mississippi & Arkansas Book Signing Tour)

This is the tale of 'Delta Bound Blues: 3 Brits Hit the South' - the jottings and photos of our recent book signing trip to the Southern States. Max Haymes is the storyteller (with interjections from 'Ramblin' Rex and 'Pic-poppin' Al) and Alan White is the photographer and website master. Hope y'all enjoy it!

DAY TWO: Friday, 1st September 2006
Wine tasting at the Old Millington Vineyard and Winery, Millington, TN then shopping on Beale Street, Memphis, TN, and finally back to David's home for an evening of blues guitar

© Copyright 2006 Alan White. All Rights Reserved.Woke up this mornin' feeling kinda tired (after such a long first day and a half travelling!), so we piled into David’s ‘Caddy’ and eased on down to Payne's Bar-B-Q for lunch and had a 5-slab of ribs of pork in barbecue sauce with sweet corn and coleslaw.  It took all our time to eat it – but it was so good it was outa-site!  Later, we went downtown Memphis to get Rex a hat from Schwab's Dry Goods Store, Beale Street (opened in 1876, the oldest store in Memphis - not a lot of people know that!). After picking up a hire car to facilitate our travels and ease on down the road, Alan gingerly coaxed it back to Dave's pad (phew those Interstate road signs and intersections are confusing!)). Much later that afternoon.... to the sound of at least a trillion cicadas, very much like an ethereal sawmill lurking invisibly behind the levee of the sprawling Mississippi River, David took us to the Old Winery which is about 20 minutes  from his beautiful tree-circled pad in Millington, Tennessee, some 15 miles north of Memphis. 

In an almost completely rural setting of seemingly never-ending fields of cotton, corn, and soya beans, we met proprietors Perry and Carrie Welch of the Old Millington Vineyard and Winery (to give its official title).  A more friendly couple I have yet to meet.  The wise-cracking and expansive Perry offered us sample after sample of his very fine wines – and man, did he have some – I mean DID he have some!  Tennessee wine was a new concept to the three of us but we all bought bottles for our next base down in the Mississippi Delta.  At least that was our excuse.  Perry, that Muscadine is to die for!  Perry and Carrie (an extremely lovely and very interesting lady) have been running the Old Winery since 2000 and I’m warning California wine-growers here and now – in blues speak – you-all better sluice mo’ juice ‘cos the stuff is here!  Right here in the Volunteer State. 

While we were sippin’ and a-slidin’ (!) I mentioned to Perry that Rex was a fine blues guitar man.  He immediately pointed to an old acoustic guitar in the corner and we were all soon having a foot-stomping time; keeping in line with the wine – doncha know.   And all the while, Alan is  clickin’ and a-flickin’ on his brand new Canon digital camera-obile (with apologies to Lightnin’ Hopkins!). 



In the early evening back at David and Marice’s cool pad, David and Rex sat on the wooden ‘stage’ out on the back patio and sang and played while Alan and I watched and drank!  With the sun shining in a cloudless sky, exotic blue and yellow butterflies opening and closing their wings to the guitar rhythms (what do you put in this beer, David??) and the ubiquitous cicada, in tune, this was a perfect end to a fantastic day.



Day Three: Saturday, 2nd September

To order the 'Railroadin' Some' book click here

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