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 November 2022

Due to illness, this site is no longer being actively updated but will remain online for reference purposes.   The sister-site, earlyblues.org, will continue to be updated periodically.   Thanks to everybody for your support and interest over the last 22 years.  I've met so many wonderful people through the blues and through this site and I hope you've found it helpful and interesting.

Alan White

A warm welcome to the original Earlyblues.com. Now in its 22nd year this is believed to be the longest running and largest continuously updated blues music website on the internet. The Blues is Alive and Well here! Browse the site for a vast range of blues material: the 'UK & European Blues Festival Guide', UK/European/US blues festival photographs and reviews, blues tours/gigs, artist/band interviews, the history of the blues in essays and articles, research projects, reference lists, recommended blues books/CDs/DVDs/radio stations, travelogues, general blues news items, a blues shopping mall, blues recipes, blues resting places, links to other blues sites, social media and discussion forums.

With the re-created and extensively expanded Blues History Section (see details below) 'Earlyblues.com' now runs as two interlinked websites ('Earlyblues.com' and 'Earlyblues.org'). There are well over 1,600 web pages, over 11,000 images, over 120 interviews, over 120 essays and articles (mostly exclusive to Earlyblues.com) so be sure to visit often as these sites are updated very frequently. Please remember this original Earlyblues.com website is over 20 years old and technology has moved on a bit since then - whilst the website is quite antiquated in structure it has a wealth of blues in its heart - and it's still beating strongly! Earlyblues.org (the extended Blues History website) however is quite a youngster being just a few years old.

Looking for a specific blues artist or band, check this out first: Blues Artists & Bands Index - indexing artists & bands featured on the 'Earlyblues.com' website, or try Blues Festival Photos for a list of past blues festivals, or try The NewsStand - all sorts of snippets from the blues world. Otherwise browse the main Noticeboards listed below - each giving the latest updates by category or the 'Early Blues Treasure Trove' of miscellaneous links to all other (older) sections of the website. I've provided regular visitors with the five key links above and four below.

Happy browsing!

If your interest is in the history of Blues Music :  

"Today it's no longer possible to hear the history of the blues from the mouths of many of those that shaped it. The survivors of the first decades are few; memories are dimmed by age and scared by experience. Time and pride have coloured some recollections, distrust and envy may have distorted others. Fingers are no longer nimble when old men are asked to play; blues that were sung in youth may have little meaning when the heat of the moment has been long forgotten. The problems of piecing together the story of the blues are many."
- Paul Oliver, The Story of The Blues, Penguin, London 1969

Check out www.earlyblues.org a separate website which is dedicated to the history of the blues, effectively replacing the history section of this website. You can find more details below (click here).

If your interest is in the history of Gospel Music :  

"The Half Ain't Never Been Told"
"The story of the blues is a story that has been told a number of times ... as far as black music as a whole is concerned it is a half-story. This emphasis has drawn attention away from other important vocal traditions, particularly the sacred vocal traditions, from the song-sermons of the Baptist and Sanctified preachers to the gospel songs of the church congregations and of the 'jack-leg' preachers and evangelists"

 - Paul Oliver, Songsters and Saints - Vocal Traditions on Race Records, Cambridge University Press, 1984.

Visit the sister website www.earlygospel.com  specialising in early gospel music and especially lesser known singers, from spirituals and sacred songs in the 1870s through the evolution of gospel music to the end of WWII.

Visit the associated website www.undergroundrailroad.org.uk - providing an insight into the Underground Railroad movement during American slavery times (see 'Slave To The Blues' research section below).

Visit the sister website www.earlyrnb.com,dedicated to the history of original early Rhythm & Blues music emanating from the blues and gospel music traditions from the early 40’s to the early 70’s incorporating its early derivatives Rock and Roll, Soul, Funk, Doo wop, British R&B, New Orleans R&B, Reggae and Ska.

Check out the UKBlues Federation, a pan-UK Federation promoting and supporting Blues in and from the United Kingdom in all its forms and styles, incorporating the UKBlues Challenge and the UKBlues Awards. The UKBlues Federation is an Active Member of the European Blues Union and an Affiliate of the Blues Foundation, the first and only Affiliate in the UK.



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UK Blues Awards 2020

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'Lifetime Contribution Award 2014 Winner'
"Very richly deserved in my opinion.
Alan does sterling work for the blues and has done for many many years".
Paul Jones, Paul Jones Show, 8th December 2014, BBC Radio 2.




"Crazy Blues" written by Perry Bradford. Mamie Smith and Her Jazz Hounds recorded it on August 10, 1920, which was released that year by OKeh Records. Within a month of release, it had sold 75,000 copies. Although there were many recordings made of songs with blues in the title during the previous decade, this recording is considered a landmark as the first blues record ever issued.


These are the Noticeboards of the latest additions to each category of the website.
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All sorts of news snippets from the blues world: upcoming tours, latest CD releases and much more ...

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2022 UK & European Blues Festivals Guide - this year's latest festival updates

2021 UK & European Blues Festivals Guide - who was where last year, and
Blues Festivals Archive - who was where in previous years

The UK/US & European Festivals & Concerts Photo Galleries - photos & reviews of festivals and concerts over the past 20 years including anniversary and benefit concerts, blues challenges and blues awards ceremonies...

The Blues Festivals Archive - links to all festival photo galleries contained on the website



Photo galleries from various UK blues tours, gigs and the US Section with reviews of various concerts, with more coming soon ...


"Keepin' Live Music Alive" - an occasional series of gig reviews ...


Ah, the fond memories ...

Mothers Club, Erdington, Birmingham .


Check out over 100 interviews including: Ian Siegal, Alvin Youngblood Hart, Matt Woosey, Jimbo Mathus, Moreland and Arbuckle, Ruby Turner, Swampcandy, Larry McCray, Tommy Allen & Johnny Hewitt, Danny Handley, Chris Powers, Tom Doughty, Sugar Ray Norcia, Matt Schofield, Giles Robson, Gregg Wright, Marcus Malone, Earl Thomas, Mud Morganfield, Marcus Bonfanti, Steve Cropper, Walter Trout, BabaJack, Lisa Mills, Ian Jennings, Norman Beaker, Aynsley Lister, Alan Nimmo, Dave Arcari, Ben Waters, Ed Stephenson, Ben Prestage, Paul Cowley, with more soon including Paul Jones, Larry Miller, Gerry McAvoy, Mick Gallagher, Mike Vernon, Bruce Iglauer (President of Alligator Records), Vaneese Thomas and Bob Malone ....



The original ‘History’ Section of Earlyblues.com has been re-created in a more manageable and easier to browse format together with extended content, especially on the history of British Blues.

The new format has been developed on a separate website www.earlyblues.org and will replace the original History Section of www.earlyblues.com, being entirely dedicated to the history and evolution of the Blues in essays and articles, cultural aspects, exhibitions, presentations, courses, talks, research projects, reference lists, recommended blues books, blues resting places, and links to other blues sites. All other content of www.earlyblues.com will remain the same.

So 'Earlyblues.com' now runs as two separate but interlinked websites:
www.earlyblues.com (with the original History Section) and
www.earlyblues.org (as the expanded and re-formatted History Section).

Click here to go to the original History Section or click here to see the new History Section, remembering that you can return to the full www.earlyblues.com website any time by clicking the link on the new Home page.

Please remember this original website is over 20 years old and technology has moved on a bit since then - whilst it's quite antiquated in structure it has a wealth of blues in its heart - and it's still beating!



Announcing the development of The Robert Johnson Blues Park
as a permanent tribute to the legendary bluesman.

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Latest on Earlyblues.com:  The Mississippi Delta: Birthplace of the Blues - "This Is Where the Soul of Man Never Dies." - by Terry Messman (Spanish Translation - with thanks to Rafael Reséndiz, professor at the National University of Mexico for the translation)

'Blues Artists & Their Instruments' - updated blues guitar guide by Dai Thomas

Recent essays:
Why Do You Moan, When You Can Shake That Thing? (a survey of Papa Charlie Jackson & Bo Weavil Jackson: 1924-1934) - by Max Haymes
Blues For Martin Luther King, Jr. - by Terry Messman
We'll March on Resurrection Day  
- by Terry Messman
Gulfport Island Road Blues
(Nonsense & Robert Johnson) - by Max Haymes
"I Need-A Plenty Grease In My Frying Pan" (Roots & Influences of Vaudeville & Rural Blues: 1919-1940)
    - by Max Haymes

Alabama Blues
- by Billy Hutchinson
The Mississippi Delta: Birthplace of the Blues - "This Is Where the Soul of Man Never Dies."
- by Terry Messman
Blues Poetry' - an updated collection of articles on Poetry and the Blues

© Copyright 2008 Alan White. All Rights Reserved.Latest exhibitions:
Downhome Blues Exhibition : A Photographic Exhibition of American Blues Artists and their Home Towns by Alan White. The exhibition comprises some sixteen artists including Chuck Berry, James Cotton, Honeyboy Edwards, Louisiana Red, Coco Montoya and Hubert Sumlin.
Blues Filter Exhibition : A Photographic Exhibition of Blues Artists who have performed at The Great British Rhythm & Blues Festival, Colne, Lancashire by Alan White. The exhibition comprises some twenty five artists including Steve Cropper, Mud Morganfield, Booker T, Billy Boy Arnold, Magic Slim, Chris Farlowe, Jack Bruce, Ruby Turner, Wilko Johnson, Larry Garner and Lucy Zirins.

Now if your interest is the history of Gospel Music check out the full list of
Gospel Essays on the sister website www.earlygospel.com


Check out:articles in our long term research project Slave To The Blues:
   Slave To The Blues - Coffles and the Auction Block
- by Max Haymes

Check out the associated website www.undergroundrailroad.org.uk - developed to give an insight into the Underground Railroad slave escape network during American slavery times.


Recommended blues related Books/CDs/DVDs/Movies/Radio Stations/On-line Blues Magazines/etc...

..... plus a bit of retail therapy with a Shopping Mall


Links to photo galleries, articles and essays on trips to the 'Land Where The Blues Began' ...

Coming fairly soon...
1 -
'Deep South Country Blues, Plantations and New Orleans Jazz' :
        Mississippi, Arkansas, Louisiana and Tennessee
        (including Memphis, Helena, Clarksdale, Vicksburg, Natchez, New Orleans, Jackson and Nashville)
2 -
'Piedmont/East Coast Blues and the Civil Rights Movement' :
        Georgia, South Carolina, Tennessee and Alabama
        (including Atlanta, Macon, Savannah, Charleston, Chattanooga, Birmingham and Montgomery)
3 -
'Urban Blues, Chicago and Route 66' :
        Illinois, Missouri, Kansas, Oklahoma, Texas, New Mexico, Arizona and California
The Chicago Blues Festival
and Route 66 oddities)
4 -
'Hillbilly Country, The Blues Ridge Mountains, The Underground Railroad & The American Civil War':
        Pennsylvania, Virginia and North Carolina
        (including Philadelphia, Gettysburg, Roanoke, Galax, Petersburg, Richmond and Manassas)
5 -
'St Louis Blues, Steamboats and The Underground Railroad' :
        Illinois, Iowa, Missouri, Kentucky, Ohio, Indiana and Michigan
        (including Chicago, Davenport, Springfield, St Louis, Cairo, Louisville, Cincinnati and Battle Creek)







 Moorhead, Mississippi  
© Copyright 2008 Alan White. All Rights Reserved                                            .      
"Where the Southern Crosses the Yellow Dog"

"Where the Southern Crosses The Yellow Dog"
The junction at Moorhead looking to the west (the Southern Railroad, now the Columbus & Greenville) running west and east and the Yellow Dog (the Yazoo Delta Railroad), running north and south. 
© Copyright 2008 Alan White. All Rights Reserved

Purpose and Acknowledgements

This is the original 'Earlyblues.com' Website, first published in October 2000 by Alan White as an on-line information resource specialising in early blues music. It has been regularly developed since then with a vast range of excellent material which I hope you enjoy.

The purpose of the website
is to broaden awareness and understanding of the origins of blues music and to encourage and support live blues music - 'keeping the blues alive'. This is done by:
researching, producing and publishing blues articles and essays
¨  promoting blues books, DVDs, films and Internet based blues radio
¨  promoting and supporting UK and European blues festivals with reviews and photographic portfolios
¨  researching for and interviewing blues artists and bands
¨  encouraging and promoting budding blues artists and bands
¨  supporting associated blues societies and blues magazines
¨  maintaining this website (incorporating all of the above)

Many thanks to all contributors over the years, there are many of them so I've listed their details on a separate page which you can view here. I really do appreciate all their help. If you as the reader would like to contribute or comment in any way I'm always glad to hear from you. Just email me at alan@earlyblues.com

Now if your interest is the history of Gospel Music check out the sister website www.earlygospel.com

If you are interested in the long term research project 'Slave To The Blues' then check out the Blues Essays and also my website www.undergroundrailroad.org.uk which gives an insight into the Underground Railroad movement during American slavery times.

Alan White - earlyblues.com

Image from advert in the Chicago Defender, 23rd January 1926


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Lifetime Contribution Award 2014 Winner
"Very richly deserved in my opinion.
Alan does sterling work for the blues and has done for many many years".
Paul Jones, Paul Jones Show, 8th December 2014, BBC Radio 2.

UK Blues Awards 2020
'Blues Unsung Hero of the Year Award 2020 Winner'

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