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John Peel OBE, 1939 - 2004

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Lucy Zirins

Introducing Lucy Zirins.....

"A very talented young singer/songwriter who combines the raw energy of blues with sweet soul melodies..."

Hebdon Bridge World Music Festival

I saw Lucy for the first time at the Colne R&B Festival 2008 and all I can say is...
"Wow! This young lady will go far - such a natural talent for the blues in one so young!" 
Alan White, Earlyblues.com

© Copyright 2008 Alan White. All Rights Reserved.
Lucy at Colne R&B Festival 2008

© Copyright 2009 Alan White. All Rights Reserved.
Lucy at Colne R&B Festival 2009

© Copyright 2009 Ian Zirins. All Rights Reserved.
Chris (Diversity FM Radio Producer), Mississippi Max Haymes and Lucy at Diversity FM Radio, Lancaster

"Only 16, Lucy Zirins packs a powerful punch in her vocals in one instant and the sigh of a mournin' dove in the next; laced with a mean streak of the blues. Backed up by Mississippi Delta-style guitar and delicious slide that sends them shivers wrigglin' on down the spine. One of her most impressive blues is a self-penned 'Lost Love Blues'. Like Memphis Minnie, Jo Ann Kelly, and Emily Druce, Lucy is carryin' the good work on. Have mercy!"
'Mississippi' Max Haymes, June 2008


Here is Lucy's Biography ('in her own words'), written especially for earlyblues.com:

I was born on 24th April 1992 in Burnley, Lancashire.

I attended Lowerhouse Junior School where I made my stage debut in year 6 playing the title role in our Christmas play “Babooshka” – also my first singing role.  

I then attended Gawthorpe High School – changed its name to Shuttleworth College. I have just graduated from there with 10 GCSEs – 3 A*s, 6 As and one B. 

I have just started my A level studies at Nelson and Colne College where I am studying LAMS (Lancashire Advanced Music Studies – music and music tech), English Language and English Literature.  

So, how did I get started in music? Well Mum and Dad have always played tapes and CDs in the car, ever since I was a baby and I guess what they listened to rubbed off on me – 60s/70s/80s (Mum), Blues and Rock (Dad). Used to make songs up to the car indicator in my head – maybe why I have a good sense of rhythm now. Ha! Ha!  

I started playing guitar 4 years ago when my uncle Chris died, aged 41. He played accordion (so does my Granddad), and was learning to play acoustic guitar. When his stuff was cleared out, the guitar and his books and CD tutorials were about to be skipped and I asked if  I could have them -  I learnt to play I guess to keep his memory alive.  

I have been heavily influenced and helped by Saph Corry-Wright and her husband Paul Corry. Saph was my music teacher at Shuttleworth, and Paul is a musician, playing and writing for the Michael Roach Band, playing for Roy Wood, amongst other “big names”. Paul gave me a brass slide about 8 months ago and I bought my first resonator in February.  

I then had the fantastic offer of a scholarship to attend Euro Blues Week in August, after attending a Michael Roach workshop at Burnley Blues Festival. The scholarship was in memory of the late great John Jackson (for young persons playing blues) and in memory of Sam Mitchell for slide players. The week was phenomenal, being taught by greats such as Michael Messer, Orville Johnson, Steve James, Rick Franklin to name just a few....  

So, I’m now gigging, after finding my feet at a couple of open mic sessions in Hebden Bridge. I played Colne Blues fringe venues recently, including two appearances on King Rollo's Acoustic Stage open mic session.  

I am arranging to record a demo disk, courtesy of “Ivory Dan” Danny McCormack and Paul Corry. 

I have just received a great review in “Blues in Britain” magazine and had an offer of a session on Radio Lancashire – so “watch this space”.....

Lucy Zirins,
14th September 2008

© Copyright 2008 Alan White. All Rights Reserved.

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Text © Copyright 2008 Lucy Zirins. All Rights Reserved.
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